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Do You Know?

Do you know who you are, are you sleeping in this season?  I am calling out to the SleepWalkers - those who are functioning but have not chosen to wake up and be alive.  

Your purpose here on earth is greater than the job you work or the house you live in or the pain and suffering you are going through.  Even those homeless and forsaken - I have good news for you.  

Love is with you and waiting on you to choose . . . 

     1) Wake up, ask for Je'sus to come alive in your heart and receive the free gift of the awesome new life Spirit, becoming born again!

    2) or stay asleep and end up in hell suffering forever.

Your choice, to be in a living relationship with your Creator, Abba, Daddy God or not to believe and stay dead.

Love is waiting, Light is waiting, Life is waiting. . . .

Posted by DrSew on January 2, 2016 at 3:55pm

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